Essay on Postman in English for Class 2

In this essay, we will learn about the important role of the postman in society and the significance of mail delivery in our lives.

10 Lines Essay on Postman in English

10 lines on postman – infographic

A postman is government employee.

He wears a khaki uniform and a cap.

Postman is a very honest man.

The postman carries a bag with him.

The postman’s pouch holds the documents of letters, parcels and money orders.

The postman work to deliver letters from one village to another from one house to another.

The postman does his job very honestly.

We should be nice to the postman when he comes to our house.

The postman is punctual, he has to deliver the letter within that time.

No matter how much rain, heat or cold, he does his work diligently.

500+ Words Essay on Postman for class 2


A postman is a person who delivers letters, packages, and other mail to homes and businesses. They play a vital role in maintaining the communication system in our society. In this essay, we will learn about the importance of the postman and the significance of mail delivery.

The Job of a Postman

The duties of a postman include sorting and delivering mail, as well as collecting mail from post boxes. They must be physically fit and able to walk or cycle long distances while carrying a heavy bag of mail. Postmen must also be able to work in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme heat.

The Importance of the Postman in Our Community: Postmen help to connect people through the delivery of mail. They play a crucial role in maintaining the communication system, ensuring that letters and packages reach their destinations on time. The postman also helps to keep communities connected, by delivering news and important information.


In conclusion, the postman is a vital member of our community who plays a significant role in maintaining the communication system. Through their delivery of mail and packages, they help to connect people and keep communities connected. The next time you receive a letter or package, remember to thank the postman for their hard work and dedication.

This essay is written in simple language for students in Class 2 and highlights the importance of the postman in society. The focus is on the role and significance of mail delivery and its impact on people’s lives.

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